I Mary Cummins legally bought domain names batworldsanctuary.com and batworldsanctuary.org. These domain names were legally available to buy for the last 20 years but were never bought. Amanda Lollar could have bought them but did not. That was her choice. This website is not owned or operated by Amanda Lollar or Bat World. Their website is at batworld.org if you want to go there. This website is about legal documents, public documents and my personal opinion about Bat World and Amanda Lollar. Nothing in this website is in any court order. I was ordered to remove 47 phrases from my website www.AnimalAdvocates.us which I did. The order was against ME and not a web hosting, blog, Google or a domain buying company. The web host or entity through which I bought this domain name is not liable for anything in this website. I am liable for everything in this website. This web is not hosted in 1and1. Amanda Lollar is trying to tell the company where I bought the domain name that I am cybersquatting. No, I'm not. I have no intention to sell this domain name. I am not claiming to be Bat World. Bat World has no DBA for "bat world sanctuary." They also did not trademark or copyright the phrase "bat world sanctuary." Even if they did, I could still legally own this domain name. Amanda Lollar bought domain names with my name in them and I didn't even send her a letter. Amanda Lollar is threatening to have Randy Turner her lawyer sue 1and1. They would have no legal grounds. It's illegal to threaten to file a frivolous lawsuit against someone. The below blog is not hosted in infinology or 1and1. I just got a RESTRAINING ORDER on Amanda Lollar. She must stay away from me, can't communicate with me, can't harass or annoy me. It's here Restraining order against Amanda Lollar

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